Privacy Policy

I will not share your email address with anyone. Nor will I share any personal information you provide. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

I would not be comfortable giving out anyone's information. I would not want that done with my information, and I won't do that to your information.

And you can unsubscribe at any time. I realize people unsubscribe for any of several reasons. To unsubscribe just select the unsubscribe that appears at any of the newsletters or other communication I send to you.

The unsubscribe feature is automated through Aweber, an autoresponder company. If you email directly to me to unsubscribe, it won't happen. The unsubscribe function at the bottom of my emailings to you automatically deletes your email address from the list.

This is a free newsletter and as such I do need to make offers of items and material to you which you can either purchase or not purchase. That is what pays for this newletter and this site. And I do accept advertising from others to be placed in the ideapage newsletter. And as explained in the disclosure these may be affiliate products from which ideapage received a commission.

This does not mean I am giving your email to them. As I already mentioned, I won't give out your information.

If you contact an advertiser and he/she emails to you that is outside of my control. The only way an advertiser would acquire your email address is if you gave it to him/her.

I do not collect or solicit email or other information from children.  I can't fathom why a child would want to receive a job-search newletter unless it is for a school research project.