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Ted Leithart


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Don Schenk


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About Ted Leithart, MBA

Born into a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners, Mr. Leithart has focused on building businesses since his early childhood. This has continued throughout his career as he tirelessly works to enhance the value of his associates, both in business as well as in their personal lives.

Ted’s experiences include: marketing Ferrari automobiles and parts; developing strategies to grow a one man business into the largest company within its industry within five years; development and implementation of a guaranteed results campaign for radio advertising; developing the strategies to double sales for a wholesale manufacturer within two years; and developing and implementing the initial strategies to increase a retailers net income by 40% within one year.

Since opening the Leithart Group, Ted has helped numerous businesses throughout the United States through on line as well as personal consulting.

Ted regularly draws additional knowledge through his current and past associations with Jay Abraham, Spike Humer, Paddi Lund, and Don Schenk.

The Leithart Group was incorporated to locate overlooked opportunities within existing businesses and using proven marketing strategies, developing and implementing new profit centers. His company is compensated on a performance basis.

In his spare time, Mr. Leithart enjoys networking with friends and family, treasuring the dear, valued, blessed friends they are. He also enjoys sports cars, fitness training and travel.

About Don Schenk

Don Schenk has been self-employed for more than 40 years – owning a half a dozen businesses.

His creative parents, who met in art school, gave Don his first camera when he was age 5, and about the same time began teaching Don to play music both on guitar and piano. By age 13 Don was playing music at teen dances - thus began his first experience at being self-employed.

At age 16 Don began renting a teaching studio at a local music store where he taught guitar, electric bass, and keyboard as a self-employed instructor... and continued to do so during his college years and beyond.

While still in high school he joined forces with a couple of his music students, to form what was to become the most popular local teen band during the mid 1960s. He and his students rented a large reception hall where they put together teen dances, attracting up to 2,000 kids each week.

He says this is when he decided to always remain self-employed.

Upon completing college at Xavier University Don started a photo studio business as a sideline while working in the recording business, playing bass in a jazz trio, and still giving private music lessons. Eventually music became a side interest while his lifelong passion for photography became his career.

Over the years Don has owned a half dozen businesses including a recording studio, a photography studio, and a real estate rental business.

In 1992 he started ideapage to publish "how-to" books and spoken-word audio courses for other business owners.

Don's passions include downhill skiing, playing music, writing, teaching, publishing, photography.